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19 / 04 : Einkaufen : AppleStore Luxemburg fordert  -   Erstellt von : um 01h54 am 27/04/2005
Hier die Mail in der wir uns beklagen dass AppleStore nicht in Luxemburg liefert. Die Mail wurde an die Mitglieder der AUG Luxemburg sowie an den Koordinator der A.U.G. von Nordeuropa geschickt.

Zusammengefasst; wir sind Mitglieder der AUG Luxemburg und hatten eine erfolgreiche Sitzung letzten Samstag. Viele Mitglieder fragten sich warum der französische, deutsche oder belgische Store sich weigeren in Luxemburg zu liefern. Deswegen gibt es eine Petition welche von vielent Mitgliedern unterschrieben wurde :
Wir möchten Apple Benelux kontaktieren um das Problem unseren Mitglieder darzulegen und eie Lösung zu finden und die Unterstützung von anderen Applebenutzergruppen zu bekommen.


We are members of the Apple User Group Luxembourg. Robert Reuter is president of the group, Ludovic Lange is the web master of the web site <> and cofounder of the Apple User Group Luxembourg and Jess Have is member of our group and has set up the petition in support of an Apple Store in Luxembourg.
The group held a very successful first meeting last Saturday and many members were wondering why Apple refuses to deliver any merchandise to non commercial users in Luxembourg using the French, German or even Belgian Apple Store.

The petition is accessible here:, where you will see that many of our members have already signed.

Recently we have discovered that Portuguese Mac users suffer from the same problem. No petition has been launched for the Portuguese Apple Store.

Do you know if other countries are in the same inconvenient situation?

We would like to contact Apple Benelux to expose our members' point of view with support from other Apple User Groups around the world.

We understand that there might be problems due to the variable VAT rate in the European Union, and problems linked to keyboard choice (although the German store does not have any problems offering other keyboard layouts than the traditional German one - same goes for the Belgian store). On the other hand a Luxembourgish store would not have to be localised as the population can manage in both French and German and in many cases also in English.

Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards,

Robert Reuter
President of the Apple User Group Luxembourg

Ludovic Lange

Jess Have

Luxemburg Achats



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